Inspiration Shows Up When YOU Show Up

To paraphrase the Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu: A mythic journey always starts with your first step.

How do you get started when looking for inspiration?

Where does inspiration come from?

What’s a $$ Billion Good For?

Forbes reports, “The highest paid hedge fund manager only made $1.3 billion last year.” Last year, 2014, was a bad year for hedge funds and hedge fund managers. It wasn’t just a bad year, it was the worst since the great recession started in 2008.

Think Like an Owner?!

I would love to have five dollars for every time a business owner says to me, “I want my employees to think like an owner.” “Oh, really!,” I respond…

Creativity Requires Space

Creativity takes time. It requires space. Space to muse. Space to think. Space unconstrained by time. Creativity is timeless.

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