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Tom Barrett

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− Marketing Communication

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For over twenty years, Tom Barrett has been leading people and business to become masters of change.

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“People work for money but they go the extra mile for recognition…” – Dale Carnegie. Recognition comes in many forms.

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What’s a $$ Billion Good For?

What’s a $$ Billion Good For?

Forbes reports, “The highest paid hedge fund manager only made $1.3 billion last year.” Last year, 2014, was a bad year for hedge funds and hedge fund managers. It wasn’t just a bad year, it was the worst since the great recession started in 2008.

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Think Like an Owner?!

Think Like an Owner?!

I would love to have five dollars for every time a business owner says to me, “I want my employees to think like an owner.” “Oh, really!,” I respond…

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“Tom is an extra ordinary person and has assisted us in many facets of our business including marketing.

On a scale of 1 to 10, Tom is a 15!

Tom is priceless and his life experiences and knowledge have served our business and our personnel well.

Sam and I consider Tom a mentor and a friend. If we had a board of directors Tom would be on it.”

Gary Donadio

Vice President, Power Pallet

“Before working with Tom Barrett, I was a ship without a rudder. I did not have any clear direction. After working with Tom I now have focus and direction. The resulting sales increase has been nothing short of phenomenal.”

Robin Smith

President, RL Smith, LLC

“Working with Tom changed my business over night. The ideas and action items put in place after our engagement started was a blessing I never saw coming. The platform his team helped me build inspired us to look at our business from a different perspective. I believe the tools we now have will help us achieve our long term goals. Tom has my highest recommendation.”

Chad Silverstein

President, Choice Recovery, Inc.

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