Working Hard or Letting It Flow

There’s another view to this situation we call success. In the spirit of Zen, letting it flow, so the choice between control and out of control is within our own mind.

Hard works may not equal getting much done…

Culpable Deniability (Innocence)

The foundation of culpable deniability is plausible deniability and allows leaders to deny blame for questionable activity taken by others, activity that they should have been aware of but were not. They were willfully ignorant.

Is willful ignorance an abdication of responsibility?

The Heisenberg Principle of Targets

There is nothing simple about quantum physics but in its simplest terms, the Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle refers to the ‘observer effect’ as its basis. The observer effect is a phenomena that cannot be observed without the observer influencing the outcome.

When the measure becomes the target, it ceases to be a measure…

Heroes and Villains

We all have our special brands of heroes and villains. It is the heroes and villains that are the lesser known that have the greatest impact on me. And it is in the lesser of our heroes and villains that reside a little piece of ourselves.

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