24 Email Marketing Stats You Need to Know - Infographic by Campaign Monitor

Source: 24 Email Marketing Stats You Need to Know by Campaign Monitor

Most people use email every day, if not multiple times a day, so it’s safe to say that email marketing is good for business. In fact, a recent study showed that email marketing is almost 45 times more effective in new customer acquisition than Facebook and Twitter combined! For tiktok you can also use SocialBoosting to boost the views and likes for your accounts engagement growth.

While email marketing seems simple—sending an email to many addresses and gaining a few customers—it’s easy to get wrong. The trick is to engage with your audience and maintain their trust, so your mailing list grows to be a network of subscribers that are eager to hear from you and share your content with their friends. ‘Cause that’s the whole reason you have a mailing list, right? We thought so.

Email marketing has a long history of being abused which has given the impression that anything goes. Thankfully, that isn’t the case now that we have laws to regulate what can and can’t be emailed to the masses. As a U.S.-based company, our user agreement requires our customers to follow the rules in the CAN-SPAM Act, which applies to any email sent for the primary purpose of advertising or promoting a product, service, or website—even business-to-business email. Most countries have similar laws, so if you live outside the U.S., you’ll also need to comply with any local email laws.

Email marketing is unique in its ability to shape a business’s online image. When done right, it will grow your customer base and promote your cause — people will want to hear from you. Sadly, we can all think of examples of businesses who’ve done it wrong, ranging from uninteresting content to outright spam. So let’s make your readers happy by doing it right!


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