You’re Too Old? Really!

Are you ever too old? Or ever old enough? I remember when growing up how I felt too young. Too young to cross the street alone. Too young to go to the movies alone.

Can You Dance?

We are all born with inherit creativity. “Can you dance?” asks the question of where did you lose it…or did you really lose it.


Fidelity is a word rarely heard today and perhaps less frequently thought of. More than loyalty, fidelity signifies a faithfulness, a loyalty to a purpose.

You Can’t Fix Stupid

I worked with a salesman in an insurance office, who for every lost sale would say, after a brief diatribe about why he didn’t close the sale, “You can’t fix stupid.” Implying that every lost sale was the fault of the prospect. It certainly wasn’t his fault. It was always the prospect’s fault.

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