Distracted License PlateWhat to do. Lately, I’ve noticed that no matter what I am doing, I feel like there is something better that I could, or worse, should be doing.

Something is not getting done because I am not working on something else. Of course, it is easy to work on the quick hits (and feel like I am accomplishing something) over working on the big project.

A List

A prioritized list might work, but then the next big project comes in, and now I have two big projects to do. More big projects come in, making me feel a bit overwhelmed. Put a quick trip in the middle of this, and I am behind any schedule I have created for myself.

I need to feel good about getting something done. Even if getting something done is a bunch of little things.

Time Management, Of Course

Time management isn’t about managing your time. In each day we have the same amount. Time management is about managing your head. Time is an equal-opportunity entity. In each day I choose how to use my time (and energy).

I know this…
…so why do I always feel like there is something better that I should be doing?

Oops, then I have to quickly do the thing I forgot to do because I was interrupted by a phone call. Oh well, maybe it’s a good time to go play with the kids….I need a break and they are more important, anyway.

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