It all began with, “Life isn’t fair. Didn’t your mother tell you that?”

“Well, I didn’t have a mother,” she replied.

“Well, you obviously mistake me for someone who gives a shit about your predicament,” came the reply.Water Glass with a straw

What is really going on in this dialog?

It’s all an excuse to say, “I don’t care.” I don’t care about you and I don’t care about your problems. I have enough of my own. Problems that is.

Just the fact that you didn’t have a mother illustrates the point that life isn’t fair. Sorry about your luck.

How cold! How very cold!

I know I’ve been that cold to others, maybe not that dramatic, maybe not that gruff. But I have certainly not had the time, or the inclination to hear about somebody else’s problems.

And it’s sad. It is sad to feel that someone doesn’t care.

Has it held you back?

How many times have you had to suck it up?

Plenty, I am sure.

And how did you feel?

You probably felt put upon, maybe taken advantage of, maybe a little exploited.

The next time you feel like telling someone to ’suck it up,’ stop yourself and ask, “Do I really want someone to hold someone back?”

Do I really want to hold myself back?

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