Victorian man in streetI have to admit, I seem to have a strange relationship with money. Not an unusual relationship, but I would not call my relationship with it “comfortable.”

Money, the concept, is strange. I create value for someone else and I receive money for it. This sounds very simple…

…but then I throw all of my “stuff” on it: How much am I worth? (I know I am worth more.)

How Much Is Enough?

Louis Armstrong said, “I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor. Rich is much better.”

How much is enough? I don’t know. I’m sure some have more than they need, but not me. Have you ever thought, “If I had more money, everything would be better”? In my head I know that’s not true, but I’d like to give it a shot.

There seem to be three or four different personalities I have with money:

1. The Spender
2. The Squirrel
3. The Hater
4. The Grabber

The Spender never has enough; money seems to flow through my hands faster than a warm summer breeze.

After realizing I’ve spent too much, my Squirrel kicks in. I start hiding money from myself in different accounts. I never forget where it is or how much is there (I don’t think).

There isn’t too much of the Hater in me. Personally, I think the entire concept of a piece of paper used to exchange a common concept of value is much easier than trading horses.

The Grabber doesn’t show up much either. But I have learned that, if I feel screwed by someone over money, I am more likely to take advantage of someone else.

Yes, money certainly has a strange energy. “Money is congealed energy,” said Joseph Campbell.

I wonder what would happen if I could release that energy?

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