Do you ever have the problem of making a project bigger, more glorious, than it needs to be?  I do.


Sometimes I can overthink the simple and make it into the most amazing project, but creating simplicity out of complexity is difficult.

The original story of the white elephant comes out of Southeast Asia. The kings of Siam would give the gift of an elephant to an obnoxious courtier. Thereby giving a gift that was so expensive and difficult to maintain that it was worthless.  Today, the same goal can be accomplished by giving someone you don’t like the gift of an adorable St. Bernard puppy.

I’ve come to understand myself a little better and I’ve learned to let go, but not to stop creating with a passion for excellence.

Doing Good Work

Quite frankly, I like to do good work. And yes, I go above and beyond what is expected. As Tom Peter says, “Excellence Always. Excellence Now!”

Doing the little extra is what makes you stand out and feel great about what you’re doing. So rather than trying to get that project perfect, make it excellent, understanding that the next time, you’ll make it even better.

So the next time you’ve created an ark from a rowboat, take pride in that accomplishment and learn.

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