Raining MoneyI am reading an article about Coca-Cola’s newest product:  Fairlife. Fairlife is a new milk-based drink developed from reconstituted milk. It has more protein, less sugar, less fat, and more calcium.


Fairlife is tagged “Milka-Cola” on Twitter. Stephen Colbert joked, “It’s like they got Frankenstein to lactate.”

It is certainly an interesting product. I admire the innovation.

Coca-Cola North America President Sandy Douglas described the strategy for Fairlife: “Now to be clear, we’re going to be investing in the milk business for a while to build the brand so it won’t rain money in the early couple of years,” Douglas said. “But like Simply, when you do it well, it rains money later.”

Interesting concept, “raining money.” I remember my parents admonishing me when I was younger. “Save your money. It doesn’t grow on trees.”

Trick or Prank?

Raining money sounds too good to be true. It’s either a magic trick or a prank. In fact, it sounds like the best of P.T. Barnum’s shameless hucksterism. Not something I expect from the president of a major corporation.

But then, P.T. Barnum also said, “The public is wiser than many imagine.”

On the other hand, I can’t imagine why I will spend $2 for a bottle of water that I can get for a penny from the tap… but I do.



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