There is a strong link between bullying in schools and teenage suicide. The bullying culture has become a widespread issue:  School bullying, teacher bullying, cyber bullying, gay bullying, etc. There are bullying stories everywhere. Almost everyone has experienced bullying in some way and has a story to share. The statistics are clear — bullying and harassment are a huge problem.

Career Builder Survey

Upset Boy at SchoolOne of the more surprising statistics: 35% of respondents to a Career Builder survey reported bullying at work to be a problem. If you have never been bullied at work, you may be surprised. If you have been bullied at work, you are probably not surprised. Regardless of your personal experiences, bullying and harassment at work are a frightening reality and probably under reported.

There is a lot of information out there about bullying. In fact, there is a national bullying prevention center and a federal government website. However, bullying grows out of envy and resentment. It is probably a learned behavior.

The reality is that organizations can develop a bullying culture. This includes schools, families, work places, and neighborhoods. At work this creates an atmosphere of fear and a toxic work environment. Leadership is stifling, rife with nitpicking and micromanagement.

Stick It Out

Far too often we’ll just stick it out. However, relationships at work are built on trust and, if there is no, trust there is not much you can do. Sticking it out isn’t a solution.

It’s important to realize that you can only control what you say and do. You cannot control others. You can control your reactions and be responsible for your actions.

But the bottom line is, you need to get out.

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