Young Super HeroA woman is being interviewed for a job. The interviewer asks a typical question, “What is your greatest weakness?”

She responds with one word, “Honesty.”

“I don’t consider honesty to be a weakness,” replies the interviewer. “In fact, I consider it to be a strength.”

“What makes you think I give a crap about what you think?” she responds.

What is YOUR greatest strength?

How do you find it?

Then what do you do with it?

For most of us, we can not self-identify our greatest strength. We have it and do it so naturally that our greatest strength just seems normal. Not at all unusual. It comes easily and effortlessly. You just do it. It’s a part of you that is so innately you, you’ll never notice it.

So how do you find it?

You could take a personality test.

Or you could see it in others.

Or others can see it in you. Others see your strengths in themselves. You’ll discover your strengths in how others describe themselves when they are with you. They’ll mirror you, unconsciously. It’s almost imperceptible.

Once you start to pay attention to what others see in you, you’ll start to pick up patterns. During an interaction with others, you become more aware of what your strengths are. You become, in a word, conscious. And you become aware of the qualities within yourself.

Once you discover your strengths, you can take practical steps to integrate them into your daily life and into your interactions with others.

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