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“People work for money but they go the extra mile for recognition…” – Dale Carnegie. Recognition comes in many forms.

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What’s a $$ Billion Good For?

Forbes reports, “The highest paid hedge fund manager only made $1.3 billion last year.” Last year, 2014, was a bad year for hedge funds and hedge fund managers. It wasn’t just a bad year, it was the worst since the great recession started in 2008.

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Think Like an Owner?!

I would love to have five dollars for every time a business owner says to me, “I want my employees to think like an owner.” “Oh, really!,” I respond…

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Adversity, Opportunity or Both?

When things don’t go well, it is easy to take on all the responsibility, maybe blame someone else, and cry in our beer (or wine).

Why not put a problem in front of others and see what they come up with? You might be surprised by the outcome.

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Writing Your Own Success Story

So many books, blogs, and podcasts purport to help you in writing your own success story, to help you develop your purpose. But they don’t work for me.

Finding the passion that lies deep within to drive you for the rest of your life seems to be a struggle for so many of us.

Yet we never seem to find the answer.

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Inspired Motivation

Inspired motivation is the activity of leadership, i.e. transformational leadership. It can take on a traditional role of inspiring a group to accomplish something.

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How to Kill Success

Even the best laid plans do not guarantee success. It still takes work and determination. Often, it takes hard work and the perseverance of an oak tree, often with unanticipated obstacles and outcomes.

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I Think I Can – Do Affirmations Work?

With the correct mental attitude you can accomplish anything. REALLY?

In 2009, a study by Joanne V. Wood and John W. Lee from the University of Waterloo and W.Q. Elaine Perunovic from the University of New Brunswick discovered that some people felt worse about themselves after repeating positive self-statements. Do affirmations work?

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I Am Not an Expert…

…I am an Explorer.

I love learning, finding new challenges, solving puzzles, discovering myself. The unexpected discoveries are the best. When working on a project I get distracted and wind up chasing rabbits down holes.

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How Immature I Was Five Years Ago!

Honestly, I was a little embarrassed about how immature and naive I was five years ago. But then I placed myself in that time frame, five years ago, and thought, “How did I feel about how much I had grown five years before that?”

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Working Hard or Letting It Flow

There’s another view to this situation we call success. In the spirit of Zen, letting it flow, so the choice between control and out of control is within our own mind.

Hard works may not equal getting much done…

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Culpable Deniability (Innocence)

The foundation of culpable deniability is plausible deniability and allows leaders to deny blame for questionable activity taken by others, activity that they should have been aware of but were not. They were willfully ignorant.

Is willful ignorance an abdication of responsibility?

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The Heisenberg Principle of Targets

There is nothing simple about quantum physics but in its simplest terms, the Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle refers to the ‘observer effect’ as its basis. The observer effect is a phenomena that cannot be observed without the observer influencing the outcome.

When the measure becomes the target, it ceases to be a measure…

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Heroes and Villains

We all have our special brands of heroes and villains. It is the heroes and villains that are the lesser known that have the greatest impact on me. And it is in the lesser of our heroes and villains that reside a little piece of ourselves.

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Win Just One for the Gipper

Motivation is everything. “Win one for the Gipper,” comes from a speech Knute Rockne gave to his football players at Notre Dame during halftime while playing against the undefeated Army in 1928.

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The Paradox of Awards

The paradox of awards occur in the awards of recognition and merit. These awards are usually presented with an aim of encouraging the recipient to keep doing what they are doing and to encourage others to follow suit.

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Sacred Cows

Figurative ‘sacred cows’ are paradigms held in such high esteem that no one in a company will ever question them despite an overwhelming amount of evidence that they are no longer working or may have never worked.

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McDonald’s: Up or Down?

McDonald’s is pulling out all the stops in an effort to revive the company. Changing the menu, pulling the CEO, developing a new branding strategy, enhancing digital marketing, and of course, the obligatory corporate restructuring.

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What You Resist Persists

It’s a given. If you dislike your mother-in-law, she’ll move in with you. That office copy machine will always break when you most need copies for an important meeting.

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Killing Creativity

Fear chokes creativity. When in fear I resort to that which is comfortable, i.e. my past. I go back to the past even when I know that past behavior wasn’t good for me.

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Driving by the Numbers

Are you driving your company by the numbers? Sales, profitability, productivity, overhead, cost of sales, cost of goods, and on and on and on. There are certainly no lack for areas of measurement in any business.

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Can You Write and Talk at the Same Time?

Recently, multitasking has had a run of bad luck in the popular press. The Wikipedia entry on multitasking notes, “Multitasking can result in time wasted due to human context switching and apparently causing more errors due to insufficient attention.”

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About 50% of What I Do Doesn’t Work

A young woman, enrolled in one of the nation’s top medical schools, was told 50% of what she would be taught over the next four years would later be found to be inaccurate. The school just didn’t know which half of the training would be inaccurate.

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What’s your Greatest Strength?

What is your greatest strength?

How do you find it?

Then what do you do with it?

For most, we can not self-identify our greatest strength. We have it and do it so naturally that our greatest strength just seems normal. Not at all unusual. It comes easily and effortlessly. You just do it. It’s a part of you that is so intimately you that you’ll never notice it.

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Put Me In, Coach

A baseball team’s shortstop is one of the most versatile players on the field. He handles infield fly balls, relays outfield balls, relays infield balls, and backs up third base, second base and the pitcher. A good shortstop makes a great baseball team. Does your team have a shortstop?

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Can You Dance?

We are all born with inherit creativity. “Can you dance?” asks the question of where did you lose it…or did you really lose it.

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Fidelity is a word rarely heard today and perhaps less frequently thought of. More than loyalty, fidelity signifies a faithfulness, a loyalty to a purpose.

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You Can’t Fix Stupid

I worked with a salesman in an insurance office, who for every lost sale would say, after a brief diatribe about why he didn’t close the sale, “You can’t fix stupid.” Implying that every lost sale was the fault of the prospect. It certainly wasn’t his fault. It was always the prospect’s fault.

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